WaveForm offers two state-of-the-art technologies that help emerging markets and established companies greatly improve refraction:

  • Optimized Wavefront Refraction (OWR) for eyeglass lenses
  • Wavefront-Guided Contact Lenses (WFGCL)

WaveForm’s proprietary software programs effectively combine advanced measuring technology aberrometry with 21st-century free-form eyeglass lens and oscillating tool contact lens manufacturing technology. All of this complex data is seamlessly integrated through WaveFormLenses.com for eye care providers, as the software automatically uploads an ideal objective refractive endpoint from the aberrometer to send to a world-class manufacturing lab. Although, providers must input certain standard measurements and lens material information—as with any eyeglass or contact lens order—the system requires very little effort.

Optimized Wavefront Refraction (OWR) is based on WaveForm’s proprietary software, incorporating a set of Zernike coefficients that convert the low-and high-order data sets into an optimized low order prescription. Below is a list of products that are offered:


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WaveForm recently developed a proprietary process comprised of both software and a manufacturing system to produce optimized prescription contact lenses and asymmetrically align the optical zone of the lens to the pupil, no matter how the lens centers on the eye.

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